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PEP is short for Post Exposure Prophylaxis. PEP reduces the risk of HIV infecting your body after you have been exposed to it. It must be taken within 24-72 hours of the risk of being exposed to HIV.
You should
consider taking 
PEP  if : 
You think you have been exposed to HIV during sex (for example, if a condom has broken or was removed during sex)
You have shared needles or other tools to prepare drugs
You have been sexually assaulted

PEP treatment should only be used in emergency situations where you think you have been exposed to HIV. The treatment usually lasts around 28 days.

If it has been longer than 72 hours since you were exposed, you will need to organize an HIV test with us.

PEP is believed to reduce your chance of contracting HIV by 80%, but shouldn’t be used as an alternative to other preventative measures (such as taking PrEP or using condoms) that significantly lower your risk of HIV infection.

If you believe that you have been exposed, you should speak to us immediately to make an appointment or go to your local emergency room if our office is closed.

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