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Crew Health

We are an Orlando-based primary care and infectious disease clinic that specializes in reducing sexually transmitted infections. We’re here to help you minimize your exposure.

We aim to provide the best patient Care, with an expert in-house team who will give you all the Resources you need, as well as show Empathy and understanding when needed, to support your overall Wellness.

Need to book an appointment, or want to get a free STI/HIV test? 

Thinking about
starting PrEP?

If you’re thinking about starting PrEP or want to know if PrEP is the right choice for you, we have all the information you need.
Trans person

Trans  & Non-Binary 

We offer a wide range of transgender and non-binary services at our clinic.
  • The staff at Crew Health was super friendly and made me feel comfortable in their space. They kept my appointment light and it was like chatting with old friends. They gave me a lot of information and made sure I had all of my questions answered. Best experience ever in a medical office setting.
    – Christopher
  • Really great team at Crew. They really go out of their way to make sure they treat their patients with respect. Michelle made me feel at ease immediately.
    – Kuri
  • Just had my first appointment with Sandra and honestly am so happy to have found her! I’ve struggled so much with finding a place I feel welcomed and comfortable that is easy to get to as well and really just so happy to have found Crew and Sandra! Holly was great with working with my schedule and made the process so easy. Will be back for sure!
    – Andrea
  • I love the fact that it’s a free clinic, I have no insurance, so being able to get seen for free is amazing! Ken done my test and then walked me over to book a new appointment. Really professional staff and very knowledgeable.
    – Fernando
  • I have been to various clinics in the area and never found someone that would take the time to listen to my issues. Michelle took the time to understand my needs and made sure the treatment plan I was on was right for me. Honestly love the staff at Crew and Margaret on reception is super friendly!
    – Jamie
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