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Free Testing

If you’re looking for an STI or HIV test, we provide free testing to all patients in-house, regardless of whether you have insurance or not.
If you think you’ve been exposed to any STI or HIV:

If you think you have been exposed to any STI or are showing symptoms such as discharge from the penis or anus, have any discomfort when urinating or have any painful blisters in the genital area, you may need an STI test.

If you think that you have been exposed to HIV, most people experience a short, mild flu-like illness. This is called seroconversion. The most common symptoms of this are sore throat, fever, swollen glands, muscle aches and rash. These symptoms typically last 1-2 weeks but can be longer.

If you think that you’ve been exposed to an STI or HIV and haven't been continuously on PrEP, we recommend that you contact us within 72 hours of exposure, and we can discuss treatment using PEP. Learn more here
Learn More About PEP
You should also make an appointment to come and see us if your sexual partner has been diagnosed with an STI or HIV.
Window Periods
If you have recently had sex and take a test immediately after, the test may not give you an accurate result.

Typically, if you have been exposed it can take between 2-6 weeks for this to accurately show up. If you believe that you have been exposed to an STI, we can offer you treatment straight away.
  • HIV – 2-6 Weeks
  • Hep C – 4 Weeks
  • Chlamydia – 2 Weeks
  • Gonorrhea – 2 Weeks
  • Syphilis – 6 Weeks
If you want to make an appointment for a free test, call us or schedule an appointment here.
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