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Ken Terrell

Manager of Outreach and Prevention

Ken comes to us with an overflowing amount of knowledge and experience, having worked in this field for 12+ years he is a true expert in HIV prevention and patient care. Ken can see an opportunity in outreach before anyone and is always looking for opportunities for us to connect with new people and make a patient out of them.

Always smiling and a friend to everyone, Ken really has a way with making patients feel at ease no matter what they are going through. Coming from Manhattan, Ken has been here in Florida for 13 years and it should come as no surprise that Mr. Personality spent some time modeling in his early 20’s. Okayyyy! We asked him if he had anything on his bucket list, and we were thrilled to find out his biggest bucket list wish was to be the face of HIV to help empower and encourage others to know their status, and guess what?! That wish came true! Keep an eye out around town for our very own Ken on billboards.

“The work that we do here motivates me to keep going and looking for new opportunities because what we do impacts our community greatly and it’s so important that we are making sure we provide the best access to medical treatment for everyone.”

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