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Ivan Hernandez

HIV/STI Testing Counselor

Ivan brings a fresh dynamic to our outreach team and being from Central Florida has an invested interest in getting out into the communities he’s familiar with to reach as many people as possible. A current UCF student as well, Ivan rarely has down time but when he does, he enjoys star gazing. Something fun we learned about Ivan is that he is really into the happenings in space and spends a good amount of time reading, researching and watching the stars. He never misses a rocket launch if he can help it and would love to go on a cross country cruise that offers night time star diving sessions.

What does working here mean to you? we asked, “What Crew Health offers is hard to find. Personally my own health has always been a priority however going to routine appointments you never really feel “at home” or comfortable discussing sexual health. Here though, it is imbedded into our mission and who we are. We are different, excellent patient care and making people feel at home are core values and you can’t find that just anywhere.”

We are excited to have Ivan on our Crew and see what the future holds for him!

Most Likely To...
talk about his telescope.
I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitous. - Michael Scott
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