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Suleika Nuñez

Practice Administrator
AKA: Tiny but Mighty

Originally from Brooklyn NY, Suleika has been calling Florida home since 2014. Having extensive experience in the health care field, we feel lucky to have her on our team. Her warm personality and bright smile bring comfort to every patient who walks through our door. When not at work, Suleika spends time being a mom, scaling countertops to reach her cabinets, or doing some cardio in the form of shopping at the mall or at the actual gym.

One day she hopes to visit an elephant sanctuary, as if she needs a reason to feel any smaller than she is. Standing as high as a 5th grader, she feels her best when getting dressed up even if for no real reason.

When we asked her what this industry meant to her, she said “being someone’s voice who feels unheard is so important to me. Maybe we can’t change the world in a day, but we can show people compassion, understanding, and remind them that they are important by showing up for them and providing quality patient care.”

We love her bigger than life energy and are grateful to have her on our Crew!

Most Likely To...
get ID'd forever.
and though she be but little, she is fierce.
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