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Solitaire Bonesteel

Head of Marketing & Development

Solitaire sounds like the card game yes, but in fact her name comes from a James Bond movie. If you ask us though, we think her parents just had a sick sense of humor since she also is an only child.

Born and raised in Central Florida, hospitality has always been prevalent, so we wanted to know what it was like moving over to the non-profit healthcare side, “Honestly, I’ve always struggled with finding meaning in what I was doing. What we do here fills my heart so much. To see the way people can relax and not have to worry about being understood, or how they are going to pay for it when they don’t have insurance. It’s everything. Too often I think we take for granted how privileged we can be in something as simple as finding a provider who knows what we are dealing with. It really has just been so much more inspiring than I could’ve imagined coming over to Crew Health.”

Solitaire has worked in Central Florida hospitality since she was a teenager. She is the Head of our Marketing department and comes with a great amount of creative ideas on how to set us apart from the competition. “For me, it isn't enough to just get people in the door and treat them, we need to get them to trust us, believe us, and learn from us. If our goal here is to end HIV for good, it is going to take more than just treating patients. This is where the creativity to figure out, what do people need from us outside of the obvious? We are constantly thinking total wellness that continues with our patients even after they’ve left the building.”

This mom of 3, with 3 additional bonus kids never stops, she is a chaos coordinator and when not at work you can generally find her chauffeuring children all over town, at a sporting event, or sipping drinks by the pool. One of her life goals is to write a NY Times best seller, and to visit the places in Germany where her grandmother grew up. We don’t really know how she balances her very full plate of things constantly, but we are so glad to have her on board to help make our vision come to life and pave the way to the next milestone on our journey!

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