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Michael “Mac” McIntire

Head of Practice Operations
AKA: Witty Wanda

Michael, better known as Mac, has a personality that shines as bright as the Florida sun. It shines when it’s raining, and even when it doesn’t make sense and you’re like ok girl, calm it down. With a distinction of RN, Mac is currently working on his MS in Nursing. His witty commentary and ghost kitchen for lunch are what keep him sane when he has had little to no down time. Being one of the younger members of staff, it’s inspiring to see how he leads, and strives to better himself both in and out of the workplace.

Mac is a Florida native, and when we asked him what it is about this industry that inspires him, he said, “This industry means that as long as I am able to help even one person, I have done my part to make this community a better place” Being Head of Practice Operations allows Mac to use his experience and knowledge to lead our clinicians to do the best they can every day. He helps them navigate where they need support and from an outside point of view, assess where we have room to improve. Our focus is the patient, so what Mac does without a doubt is crucial to aid in achieving our goals as a practice.

We wouldn’t be who we are without his knowledge and ability to make someone laugh every day. We are happy to have him as a part of our Crew Family!

Most Likely To...
Most likely to make the best of a bad situation, humor is his weapon of choice.
Oh my God you look like the 4th of July! Makes me want a hot dog reaaal bad.
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