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Margaret Valentin

Credentialing and Prior Authorization Specialist
AKA: Secret Jokester

Margaret is the house mom! She comes to us from the hospitality industry and is a doer. Margaret’s greatest strengths come in the form of finding solutions to problems. She is the friendly face that will greet you when you are checking in or calling in to schedule your next appointment, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of our practice.

Originally from New York, Margaret has a significant amount of management experience in customer service and will always keep the best in mind for our patients.

Newly a first-time grandma, and mom to an adopted puppy, her free time is spent spoiling those new babies and spending time with family. She enjoys cooking and is a big kid at heart. Her best advice would be to try and fix it with vicks, and if that doesn’t work... try tilex.

“The healthcare side is a whole new ball game for me, but it’s interesting finding the similarities that translate from hospitality to this. Really, if we are always thinking of the patient first, we will generally be aligned with our vision and heading in the right direction.”

Most Likely To...
Most likely to have on wild socks.
A little Vicks will fix it.
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