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Chad Stowers

Chief Executive Officer

The Queen Bee of Crew Health is the one and only Chad Stowers! He is our CEO and don’t tell him we told you, but as far as CEO’s go, we think he’s the best of the best.

Like Melanie Carmichael he comes from Sweet Home Alabama but had dreams that grew too big to fit into a small town. He’s been here in Florida for 18 years but has traveled all around the world! Being in healthcare for the past 3 years, his background leading up to this was quite unique and exciting! He has done brand management for start-up companies but also has an extensive background in TV production for big names like ESPN, ABC, FOX, and other unique stations. Fun Fact, he has won 20+ awards in National Broadcasting! We think that’s pretty impressive.

Formerly a chronic theme park hopper, recent months have transitioned him to an online shopaholic instead, but it isn’t the same. One of his life goals is to visit all the Disney Parks around the world.

Chad is not only a great businessman but knows the meaning of being a true leader. He gives us the space to think creatively and make decisions but helps guide everyone to stay on track of the company mission and vision. You may hear Chad saying, “there’s no crying in healthcare, unless it’s behind closed doors.” which we know to be true, as he has a soft spot and can get quite emotional in meetings.

We asked Chad why this? With all the options and experience you have what brought you here and how has it impacted you? His response was “As a member of the LGBTQ community, this industry will always have a direct impact on my life. It will always be near and dear to my heart and the thing I love most about it is the way that you get to see day in and day out the direct impact we are making on people and seeing lives change for the better right in front of our eyes. There is nothing like it and I can’t imagine not being a part of this. We are more than healthcare, we are a movement of inclusion, acceptance, celebrating individuality and honestly, it’s everything.”

A sweet tea expert, southern gentleman personality, and a loving heart for his pups, family and friends. We feel lucky to have a leader that is so genuine and caring leading us to greatness.

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