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Celia Patitucci

Commercial Relationship Specialist
AKA: Social Butterfly

Celia is our party person! Literally and figuratively, she knows someone in every room and is always ready to have a good time. Celia comes on as our commercial relationship specialist, she's spent the last 4 years in this type of work and perhaps small in stature but definitely not in presence. We love watching her work her magic with making connections that could be life changing for everyone involved.

Celia was born in Puerto Rico but has been a Florida resident for 32 years and loves making connections between people to help everyone reach their mutual and individual goals. We love her zest for life and willingness to just always look for the next opportunity to put us out there. Something fun about Celia is that she used to be a Flamenco dancer and lived in Italy for some time! You are most likely to find Celia at the mall or having brunch with friends on the weekend, she loves to paint and spend time with her husband and her kids as well when they are in town. When we asked her what it is about our line of work that has impacted her the most she said “This industry has made me open my heart and mind to having a better understanding of our differences.” We couldn’t agree more.

Most Likely To...
Most likely to know someone everywhere!
Be unapologetically you.
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