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Dr. Amber Siegel


We were fortunate to be looking to add to our team when we found Amber! She has such a great outlook on healthcare and is passionate about finding solutions that work best for each person. The amount of research she does to get it right is impressive.

Amber completed her training as an Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with a duo Major in HIV -infectious Disease and Endocrinology from Duke University in Raleigh Durham North Carolina. She has a Masters’ Degree in Nursing Education from Excelsior College, SUNY Albany, New York. She also just recently earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice at Duke University this past March. Her Doctoral Capstone is “A System Intervention to Foster a Gender Inclusive Environment of Care.”

Publications: Physiologic Steroid Tapering American. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners April 22, 2019

Amber has been in the healthcare field for over 30 years (talk about dedication!). Originally from Palm Beach, Florida Amber has traveled to 30 different countries, and has called a few of them home. We love that Amber never stops wanting to learn more, she sees each patient as a unique chance to dive in and learn the best course of action for that individual, she doesn't generalize her methods as she believes every person has different needs that require a different approach.

The way her patients leave their appointment says everything we need to know about Amber’s abilities. She embodies what we are trying to achieve here, which is healthcare yes, but also total wellness which starts with feeling seen, heard, comfortable and welcome with your provider.

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